I got back on stage with Nine Inch Nails in Melbourne last month armed with a Blackmagic 4K camera, and here are the insane results, in full 4k resolution.

Formula 1 V6 turbo whaaaaaa? 

Oh hells yes, courtesy of stereo-mono.

2014 F1 rules explained in this fun video.

Pat Robertson: What Gays Do ‘Not Very Pretty’

My god, he’s adorable. Also, how long ‘til he dies? Pretty please?






"this world would be a whole lot better if we simply made the effort to be less horrible to one another."

There are so many types of bravery in this world, and baring your soul like that is near the top of the hardest. I could feel how difficult that was for her.

What an amazing speech.

You’ve read that Ellen Page came out recently. That’s the headline - the bit of information that people seem to care about because we’re obsessed with the personal lives of other people we don’t know. That’s not why you should watch this. You already know that headline.

You should watch this because a woman - who by all rights and objective criteria has been remarkably successful - stands terrified at a podium, haunted by her own past and the experiences of those who have gone through similar dehumanizing traumas, and thanks a room full of people who are trying to make those experiences a part of the past.

You should watch this video not because Ellen Page came out, but because of what lead Ellen Page to come out, and to get a better understanding of what every single gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, and questioning person has to deal with in accepting who they are. Ellen Page is brave - but not just for publicly coming out. She is brave because of what she’s already been through and survived. This is speech is about thanking those who have worked so hard to allow her to come out, and trying to make it the world a little bit easier for those who see a similar journey ahead of them.

Don’t watch it for the headline. Don’t skip to the end. Watch this speech because it’s a eight minute speech that took decades to write, and because it takes the place of several million other speeches.

Source: policymic

[America] is an experimentalist country. It’s a country the central creed of which is faith in the constructive genius of ordinary men and women. This faith has lived under the burden of an institutional idolatry. The sin of the public culture of the United States is the tendency to believe that the country discovered at the time of its foundation the definitive formula of a free society, and that the rest of humanity must either subscribe to this formula or continue to languish in poverty and despotism.

Roberto Unger

Having my mind blown thanks to this video posted by my friend D.A. earlier today… which you can tell isn’t from American television corporations because the host used the word ameliorate during his introduction. :)


Joey Alexander (10 years old) playing Thelonious Monk

Kids these days.

What Atheists Wish Christians Knew About Them - via godlessindixie


"Glowing" by me. Video by Tyler the Creator.

I say again… I have some crazy-talented friends.


I think were just scratching the surface on how talented Sacha Baron Cohen is…

My goodness.


Mark Driscoll at the Strange Fire Conference

This just in: Mark Driscoll is a lying tool.