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Could I Be Sylvan Esso Sylvan Esso 416 Plays


Holy fucking shit.

This band is a god damn revelation.

North Carolina, you have raised up and taken your shirt off and spun it around like a helicopter.

Um, I’d like to throw Wisconsin in there, too. But yes.

Field Report - Home (Leave the Lights On)

I am completely in love with Field Report’s sophomore album (due out Oct. 7 on Partisan Records). This isn’t even my favorite song on the record.

More beautiful music from Wisconsin.


Discover New Music: Vaults

Love this.


If you’ve never listened to Matt Mahaffey’s “Self”, I strongly encourage you to raid the entire f*cking catalog. It’s so outstanding and he’s the kind of talent that I, zero doubt, think they’ll make documentaries about someday. He’s just a great dude.

sElf’s new single is free on iTunes right now. Get after it. 


POZ Video Premiere: YØUTH - Breathing Easy



PropertyOfZack is happy to be debuting a new music video for YØUTH’s “Breathing Easy.” The artist is re-releasing the single, so this is a perfect time to come onboard. Watch the video below after the jump.

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I’m completely in love with this song and I can’t wait to mix some music from Julian (YØUTH). It’s supposedly on the way, happening. I’m so stoked, you have no idea.

Love this kid.

"Remember September" featuring Andrew Jonathan

Here’s the first mix I printed with the new studio rig I’ve been posting pictures of… so far, me likey. Got some things to dial in, but I’m really stoked with the changes and updates.

I’m buying whatever Bleachers is selling. Looking forward to this new album coming in July.

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Presenting… Wisconsin pop ensemble Phox live for WAMU 88.5’s Bandwidth.

The band’s debut album comes out Tuesday! Stream it here: And watch both of our Phox sessions here:

(Thanks to Mutiny DC for lending us the space!)

More great new music coming out of Wisconsin.

Love her voice. She’s the only reason Phox is getting any attention and got a record deal. I mean, c’mon.

And can we please be done with banjo now?

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Part of the reason Coldplay has so little competition outside of singer-songwriter dudes like Ed Sheeran and John Mayer is because romantic love songs are rarely valued within rock culture. Sometimes they’re derided as a sellout move, like how in the ’80s, hair metal power ballads by the likes of Poison and Bon Jovi were mocked by fans of harder, more self-consciously macho metal bands like Metallica and Anthrax who distanced themselves from love and sex entirely. Punks and indie rockers typically approach the notion of writing love songs with irony and cynicism; new wavers in the ’80s dressed up their love songs in dark drama and grave seriousness; and the alt-rockers of the ’90s — R.E.M., Nirvana, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots — mostly hid straightforward lyrics about love in songs that were otherwise made of nonsense words. This dismissive attitude about love songs is baked into two of rock’s most defining binaries — The Rolling Stones are seen as cooler than The Beatles because they have fewer love songs, and within The Beatles, John Lennon’s often cynical view of love is held up as evidence of his genius while Paul McCartney’s lovey dovey lyrics are widely considered to be his greatest flaw as an artist.

Don’t Hate Coldplay For Writing Great Love Songs

I wrote about Coldplay and rock culture’s bias against romantic love songs.

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