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I just made all the guys at our studio watch Beyoncé’s performance of the National Anthem again.


5. watch the video @ 1:44-1:45you can hear her smiling as she sings. This is a phenomenon we regularly hope for in the recording studio when there’s no visual to convey a singer’s emotions through to the listener. It’s likely Beyoncé knows this, given that she’s at the top of the music industry and works with many top-shelf production professionals. Duh. But faking it?! No way.

6. how in the hell is she supposed to stay in such tight sync with the track when she removes her earpiece? That’s her lifeline if she’s lipsyncing, her invaluable guide. That’s an absolute dealbreaker, positively sacrosanct to the performance if she’s indeed lipsyncing. She stays in absolute LOCKSTEP with her “pre-recorded” vocal if what y’all are saying is true, and that’s beyond unfeasabile in such a massive, live, unpredictable setting.

There is no way that is a lipsynced performance. No way. I’m telling you, no way.

Or I’m Jay-Z.

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