Hi… I’m Daniel.

I am a music producer, songwriter, mixer, and (for fun) a designer and photographer.

I founded my music production company The Burst Collective in 1996.

As of October 2011, The Burst Collective is a founding partner in a new production music company called The License Lab.

A fairly active blogger (on tumblr as ApoplecticSkeptic), I am one of the editors for tumblr’s News tag.

In years past, I’ve created and produced the Gravity Library (now part of Warner/Chappell and Non-Stop Music), the Velocity Music Library (now part of Universal/BMG at FirstCom Music), and in 2007 we launched an online music licensing portal, BurstLabs.com, which we subsequently sold to Sony/ATV. That catalog is available through Extreme Music as the Mixtape Series.

I have literally thousands of cues currently being used by such varied clients as Microsoft, GM & Gatorade, virtually all of the top shows on HBO, ABC, NBC, Fox, and all across the globe.

My first love in the music world is producing records for other artists, something I’m grateful I still get to do from time to time.

Burst HQ is my recording studio that I designed and built in 2002. It’s housed in a former post office just outside Milwaukee, and we’ve hosted some pretty great recording artists such as Rihanna, Chester French, Eric Benet, Maritime, and a few others. Check the site for some credits and equipment, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m a recovering former fundamentalist evangelical prone to fits of righteous indignation at the lies told by those in power, and I treasure genuine conversation with real people.

I have opinions, viewpoints, and ideas. I am open to being wrong as well as admitting “I don’t know yet.” If you’re interested in working together or just chatting about the topics of the day, email is the best way to reach me.

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